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参 考 答 案  
听力:1--5. ABBCA    6--10. BCAAC     11--15. BCBCA      16--20. CABBC
阅读:21—23 BDA    24—27 CACA      28—31 CDBD       32—35 CACC  
36—40 FBGDC
完型:41—45 BACDA   46—50 BDDAB    51—55 DACDB    56—60 CBCAD
填空:61. on     62. latest             63. competition    64. which/that   65. but
66. a      67. to be influenced    68. hid            69. there       70. investing
改错:71. What→It       73. practise→practising       74. in ^the end
75. especial→especially  76. Though→If   77. well→good/excellent    
78. works→work       79. on→in       80. lay→lies
Dear fellow students,
    I'm writing to call on everyone to take an active part in building a beautiful campus.
As we know, we spend most of our time on our campus. An attractive campus can make our learning pleasant and as a result improve our grades.
However, some students can be seen running on the lawn, picking up flowers or kicking young trees on purpose. Some even spit in public or throw rubbish everywhere. Their deeds have already done great harm to our school environment and it's time we did something to change the present situation. I think everyone is responsible for the beauty of our campus and if each of us avoids doing anything improper, our campus will no doubt become more beautiful.
Every effort matters. Let's take action now!
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M: Hello. International Friends Club. Can I help you?
W: Oh, hello. I read about your club in the paper today and I thought I’d phone to find out a bit more.
M: Yes, certainly, well, we’re a sort of social club for people from different countries. It’s quite a new club — we have about 50 members at the moment, but we’re growing all the time.
W: That sounds interesting.
听下面 5 段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。听完每段对话后,你都有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍。
例如,现在, 你有5秒钟的时间看试卷上的例题,
M: Excuse me, can you tell me how much the shirt is?
W: Yes, it’s nine fifteen.
现在, 你有5秒钟的时间阅读第1小题的有关内容。
(Text 1)
M: Have you seen my gloves anywhere? I’ve checked the cupboard but they’re not there. Did I leave them on the desk?
W: Oh, yes. I remember. I moved them from there and put them on the shelf by the window. I needed to do some work on the desk.
(Text 2)
M: Jenny, that report has to be done by 7 p.m.
W: Oh. I thought I had to finish it until tomorrow noon. Won’t we have a meeting at that time?
M: It has been rescheduled at 2 p.m. today.
(Text 3)
M: Have you finished reading the story?
W: Yes. I don’t think it was as interesting as the film. The writer’s words made me feel extremely bored.
(Text 4)
W: I want to go to the concert on Friday. Would you love to go with me?
M: Sorry, I’m already scheduled to work. I’ll be free on Saturday.
W: But I already have tickets for Friday.
(Text 5)
M: Did you read the e-mail I sent you this morning?
W: No. We were having serious problems, and we lost all the messages that came in and went out of the company between 7 and 11.
(Text 6)
M: Just smell that, will you? Cool, isn’t it?
W: Mmm … I think it’ll be great!
M: Better than that popcorn we made when we burnt the pan! Do you remember, Mum made us promise never to make it at home again.
W: She didn’t need to. It was seriously bad! We’ll just have to remember to get this pizza out.
M: Yeah, in fifteen minutes it’ll be ready.
W: Yes, it was a good idea. What do you think we should have for dessert? I fancy some cakes!
M: Yeah. Let’s make one.
(Text 7)
M: Where would you like to go on holiday?
W: Well, I have no idea about that.
M: I would like an active holiday this year. Maybe I’ll visit Airs Rock.
W: I’ve been quite tired from doing so much work. Climbing the rock will use even more energy.
M: What would you like to do then?
W: Well, I just want to relax. I’m going to have dinner with my parents and then watch my favourite TV show.
M: Do you think you can do that for a whole week?
W: Oh, my sister Kate told me there will be a movie festival. They are showing many old and new movies this week. We’ve decided to go to the movies together.
(Text 8)
M: Hello! I’m calling about the apartment you have advertised in today’s The Daily Mail.
W: Yes. I will have a trip, so the house will be empty for two weeks.
M: Great! I’d like to hire a short period of time. Two weeks is just enough. Could you introduce your apartment to me?
W: Sure. It’s a one-bedroom apartment with a big balcony. But it has a small kitchen.
M: That’s just my cup of tea. What’s the price?
W: $400 per month. You need only to pay for electricity, for gas and water are included. And you can use the parking lot free of charge.
M: Sounds good. Then I can save some money. May I come over tomorrow to take a look?
W: Today is Wednesday. How about the day after tomorrow? I’ve got an appointment tomorrow.
M: OK.
(Text 9)
W: Tim, you’re going to talk about your project on How to Lead a Greener Life. Why did you choose that subject?
M: Well, we’d learnt a lot about the environment in our science lessons. So, I decided to see what I could do in my own life, rather than just act completely helpless. And I knew the rest of my family would be interested.
W: Did you find it easy to get information?
M: Yeah, I discovered there were lots of people at my age trying to be green. I’d always gone to school by car. Catching a bus would be better, but there’s no bus where we live, so I’ve gone for riding my bike to school now.
W: OK, and what about being green once you’re actually at school?
M: Well, I realized that although all school paper was recycled and most of my friends use both sides of paper, we use huge quantities, and I thought we should cut down. And then it came to me that we should be sending in most of our work electronically. I’m going to recommend it to our teachers.
W: And what about the school cafeteria?
M: One school I’ve read about has meatless Mondays. It’s good to use local produce too. That’s something our school already does. But we still have machines with bottled milk, water and juices for sale, and I think we shouldn’t have them.
(Text 10)
M: My name is Jake, and I recently went on a diving trip with my family — swimming under the water.
It was very exciting. I’d never gone diving in open water before, like a river or a lake. And I had always been expecting a real sea dive. I’d just done my diving training in a pool. I was really looking forward to my first real sea dive. We couldn’t decide where to go at first. We considered going somewhere in Indonesia or in Australia, but then friends in the USA offered to let us stay with them, so we went to the coast there, where there were perfect diving conditions.
   I was a bit worried as we were swimming around because we’d heard there might be sharks in the area — only small ones, but it didn’t matter! So I was very scared when some big sea animals came swimming toward us — but they turned out to be whales! They played with us in the water. We even managed to get some photos. We hoped we’d see some flying fish — but no such luck.
  Each day’s dives were completely different. We did three dives on the first day, and four on the second, plus a few more on the third — twelve dives altogether! It was the best trip ever.
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